Judy Caroline Makes a Splash with Her Art at Leroy’s during July

Originally Published in the Coronado Eagle By Chris Kelly -2018/07/11

From a Capitol Records recording artist in the 1960s to a multi-media artist with work currently displayed and for sale at Leroy’s Kitchen + Lounge in Coronado, Judy Caroline Steinfeldt has spent a lifetime experimenting and creating art. Steinfeldt, a California native and Cays resident, received her bachelors and masters degrees in psychology from UCLA, then went on to marry and raise her family in Los Angeles.

Judy’s creative flavors have spanned paints, fashion knitting, tissue paper collage, macrame and designer chocolates. Texture is a common theme of the wide variety of mediums with which she works. In 2014, she had a disastrous rotator cuff surgery which resulted in the limited use of her left arm and hand. At the time, she was spending her time creating fiber art, knitting with a variety of fibers, but the surgery eliminated this as a continued possibility.

In late 2017, Judy developed an interest in liquid acrylic pouring. This was something she was able to do with the injury and still allow her to achieve a form of bold self-expression. Her work may appear spontaneous and random in nature but in fact is a carefully constructed visual juxtaposition of balance, chaos, and control. Her work is a powerful display of movement and color, which illustrates her deep understanding of the beauty and unpredictability of nature and the ocean, the inspiration for her work. The foundation of her work is on conventional canvas, old LPs, glass, tile, and wood.

Judy has previously exhibited at the Emerald C Gallery and has been contacted for spotlight consideration by the Academy of Contemporary Art in Australia. About thirty pieces of her work will be on display at Leroy’s through the end of July as part of their regular showcase of local artwork.


Judy Caroline Makes a Splash with Her Art at Leroy’s during July

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Judy is thrilled to be the featured artist in Leroy’s, Coronado for the month of July 2018.