Privacy. Spark Networks Services GmbH, operator of SilverSingles

Privacy. Spark Networks Services GmbH, operator of SilverSingles Private information (a) safety and Protection: We utilize technical, organizational, and protection that is physical made to drive back unauthorized usage, disclosure or access of this information that is personal we collect. All information you distribute at enrollment or login to us ( e.g. contact information, profile information, payment information whenever ordering a paid membership) is encrypted. This encryption assists protect the privacy of information that is personal trade between you and our web host, and assists to avoid abuse of private information, e.g. by interception. The encryption method we use is SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Its an acknowledged and trusted technology. In view of y our private information collection, technical precautions have now been taken up to store your private information in a protected environment. Usage of your data is bound to simply a couple of selected employees and providers and you will be given limited to purposes of holding out of the purposes identified in this policy, quality control and review of complaints as well as for thwarting fraudulence. Private information we gather is stored in Berlin. Some or all the information that is personal gather may be stored or […]